FINANCIAL LITERACY: Last Updated: Wednesday , May 25, 2016
Q.1  How does it  it makes a  difference in keeping the money in bank and investing in SENSEX ?
Ans. The economy will always grow no matter what the situation is and if economy will grow, SENSEX will grow. the industry lends money from bank ,so companies will always earn more than what they pay to bank.


Q.2  How much money to invest each month during entire carrier to be invested in SENSEX so that after retirement one keep getting around 1.5 lakh per month for 30 to forty years after retirement ?

Ans.  Even investing 1000 Rs per month for 37 years will give a return of around 1.5 cr which can generate sufficient interest for rest of individuals life to live happily.


Q.3  How to start investment, where to invest, whom to contact and all related information to know about investment?
Ans. All banks and investment house has a provision for opening of account which can be linked to individuals existing salary account even same can be monitored telephonically also.

Q.4  Does a individual will need to open a separate account other than salary account or same account will serve the purpose?
Ans. No  

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