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01 Redesigning of BSF Website. Corrigendum Corrigendum -2
Corrigendum -3 Corrigendum -4
02 Renovation/up-gradation of Type-I 30 Nos Qtrs (91 to 120) at BSF campus Jalandhar (SH: EI and fans)  Corrigendum 20/09/2018
03 Notice inviting tender for various repair/replacement/providing works in units under SHQ BSF Sriganganagar, Rajasthan   Corrigendum 15/10/2018
04 QR's and TDs of "Digital Night vision Goggles (Standard/Basic version) 06/11/2018
05 EOI of QR's and Technical specification for phase OTDR
06 Printing/supply of Single Leaf BSF Wall Calendar -2019 SO's and OR's Rank
Corrigendum Corrigendum 2
07 For Repair & maintenance of furniture items (all type)-HQ DG BSF, CGO Complex, New Delhi (AMC) on contract basis for one year Tender Cancellation Notice 13/02/2019
08 Pre-engineered semi-permanent strutures for toilet cum bath in the camp area near block no. 10 CGO Complex at FHQ BSF New Delhi 01/05/2019
09 Tender for Running of Private Shops
10 QR's of "Digital Night Vision Goggles (Communication Interface/ Advance Version)". 31/05/2019
11 Notice Inviting Tender- LU-24 inspection of military registered BSF Embraer Aircraft - KE 3605
Tender Enquiry no.179/19-AW/Lgs/CGO/LU-24/Emb/3436

12 Public Auction Notice of 165 BN BSF, Greater Noida (UP). 06/11/2019
13 Up-Gradation of Generator panel room for ATP Station of HHTI (Rajak) at SIW Tigri Camp Under FHQ BSF New Delhi.. 06/11/2019
14 Providing and fixing bild & storage in Engg. branch 7th floor of 10th block & blind in room no 104,105,121 & 122 ai 1st floor of 4th block and improvement of corridor of Gdte.at 3rd floor of block no. 10 CGO Complex Under FHQ BSF New Delhi.. 06/11/2019
15 Improvement of doors in 08 Nos suites & lounge area at TXN Station Nizamuddin under DIG(HQ) FHQ RK Puram(New Delhi). 06/11/2019
16 Up gradation of generator panel room for ATP station of HHTI(Rajak) at SIW Tigri cmap under FHQ BSF New Delhi. 06/11/2019
17 Providing and installing work space in room no.308,306, 306A & 309 at 3rd floor block no 11 under FHQ BSF New Delhi. 06/11/2019
18 Providing and fixing work space for office of Comdt (arch), DC(Works) and engineering Adm Section CGO complex HQ BSF New Delhi. 06/11/2019
19 Expression of Interest for Uniform Cloths of BSF Force For CPC. 07/11/2019
20 Printing/Supply of BSF Wall Calendar-2020. 08/11/2019
21 Public Auction Notice of STS BSF New Delhi. 08/11/2019
22 Public Auction Notice of 165 Bn BSF Grater Noida (UP) . 08/11/2019
23 Public Auction Notice of 121 Bn BSF (Chhattisgarh) . 08/11/2019
24 Draft QR's "UVSS Systems, ALPRS with driver image camera" . 18/11/2019
25 Draft QR's "Smart Card Contactless and Smart Card reader cum Controller" . 18/11/2019
26 Draft QR's "Biometric reader, Keypad reader & Display" . 18/11/2019
27 Modification of Room No. 722 and Officers lift lobby at 7th floor of Block No.10 CGO Complex, under FHQ BSF New Delhi . 18/11/2019
28 Public Auction Notice of 165 BN BSF, Greater Noida (UP). 18/11/2019
29 Printing/supply of informative Operational Booklet for Officers- 2020. 18/11/2019
30 CAMC of Digital Multifunctional Copier Machine installed at Various Sec/Dtes of FHQ BSF CGO Complex, New Delhi from 2019-20 for one year. 18/11/2019
31 Provision of Additional Stage Lights in open Air theater at FTR HQ BSF Jalandhar. 18/11/2019
32 01 Incinerator at Lakhnaur Campus of 62 Bn BSF Under HQ SDG (WC) BSF Chandigarh. 20/11/2019
33 Public Auction Notice of 89BN BSF Akhnoor, Jammu(J&K). 20/11/2019
34 Draft QR's of " AEC Encoder: Smart Card Reader contact and Door Access Controller" 20/11/2019
35 QR's of K-4 Crash rated Blocking Bollard. 20/11/2019
36 Printing/Supply of Single Leaf BSF Wall Calendra-2020 for SO's and OR's Rank. 22/11/2019
37 Development and improvement of the VIP entrance area of block No. 10 CGO Complex FHQ Building BSF New Delhi. 25/11/2019
38 Repair & Maintenance of Air Conditioners Under FTR HQ BSF Jalandhar (PB). 25/11/2019
39 Drft QR's "08 Port POE Managed Industrial Switch" 27/11/2019
40 Prinnting /supply of BSF Junior Leader Booklet- 2020 for SO's 27/11/2019
42 Improvement room no. 414 office of ADG(Ops) block no.10 and floor tiles in room 117 at 1st floor of BVlock no. 11 CGO complex under FHQ BSF New Delhi. 27/11/2019
43 Draft QR's of 'PTZ type UHD Camera for campus security' 27/11/2019
44 Draft QR's and Trial Directives of "Non crash rated Boom Barrier" 03/12/2019
45 Public auction Notice of Administration Directorate (FHQ New Delhi). 04/12/2019
46 NIT of Pertaining to Procurement of CNC turning Center Machine for CENWOSTO BSF . 04/12/2019
47 Qutation for Purchasing of Workshop tools for Repair work of all type of water CRAFTs/OBMs of water wing BSF Dhubri . 04/12/2019
48 Qutation for Purchasing of Digital RPM Meter with Harness for RIB/FRP Boats of Water Wing BSF Dhubri . 04/12/2019
49 Public Auction of 121 BN BSF Kanker(Chhattisgarh) . 04/12/2019
50 Notice Inviting tender of Supplying of accessories of front end loader under SHQ Sri Ganganagar. 04/12/2019
51 NIT of Pertaining to Procurement of CNC Milling Machine for CENWOSTO BSF . 06/12/2019
52 NOTICE INVITING E-TENDER for FTR HQ BSF Guwahati. 06/12/2019
53 NOTICE INVITING E-TENDER for FTR HQ BSF Guwahati. 06/12/2019
54 Auction NOTICE of 145 Bn BSF, Salbagan, Tripura. . 06/12/2019
55 QR's/TDs of "Hand held Search Light". 09/12/2019
56 Draft QR's of "Poe (Power Over Enthernet) and Industrial Grade (POE Switch)". 09/12/2019
57 QR's and Trial Directived of "Passive night telescopic Sight for 5.56mm INSAS Rifle and LMG". 13/12/2019
59 QR's and Trial Directived of "06 Core OFC(Armoured)". 13/12/2019
60 QR's and Trial Directived of "OFC Based Intrusion Detection System (DAS)". 13/12/2019
61 Draft QR's of "Digital night Vision Goggles(Communications Interface/Advance Version)". 16/12/2019
62 Bio-digester for FHQ Mess, Living Barrack at Gate No.03 and SO's Mess-03 Nos at STS BSF Tigri Camp New Delhi. 16/12/2019
63 Draft QR's of "GPON 8 Port OLT and SFP Module 2.5 GBPS". 26/12/2019
64 Providing and Fixing on Load Changeover switch at Generator room near ADM Blockof SHQ BSF Jammu. 26/12/2019
65 Extension of Dining hall of Officers Institute at STC BSF Kharkan Camp. 03/01/2020
66 Draft QRs "Antivirus & Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Perimeter Surveillance Radar for 500 & 1000 Mtr Range". 03/01/2020
67 Repair and maintenance of 03 Nos Solar Water Heaters installed at STS BSF Tigri, New Delhi.. 03/01/2020
67 Draft QR's of "Passive Network Components, UPS & LED Display monitor, Fire Alarm and Electric Fence Energizer". 03/01/2020
68 Draft QR's/Technical Specifications of 2.8 optical Power Splitter". 03/01/2020
69 Auction Notice of 25 BN BSF Chhawla Camp, New Delhi. 03/01/2020
70 Public Auction Notice of STS BN BSF, New Delhi. 03/01/2020
71 Draft QRs of "Rack Server (2CPU) and Computer (Work Station)". 03/01/2020
72 "Digital Night Vision Googgle (Communications Interface/ Advance Version)". 19/02/2020
74 "Hand Held Search Light". 20/02/2020
75 NOTICE INVITING E-TENDER for FTR HQ BSF M & C Silchar. 20/02/2020
76 Public Action Notice of BSF TCH Hazaribagh. 20/02/2020
77 निलामी सुचना NTCD BSF Tekanpur. 20/02/2020
78 Limited Tender Notice of SHQ BSF Chennai. 20/02/2020
80 Tender Notice of SHQ BSF Udaipur, Gomati, Tripura. 24/02/2020
S.No. Particulars

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1 Contracts concluded during the month of Jan  2012 
2 Contracts concluded during the month of Feb  2012
3 Contracts concluded during the month of March  2012
4 Contracts concluded during the month of April  2012
5 Contracts concluded during the month of  Feb  2013

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